Strike Cancelled: La Liga and Liga Adelante back on

Spain’s High Court has lifted the strike proposed to take place this week until the end of the season, deeming it unlawful.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced the strike a week ago and it very much looked like it would be going ahead. It was backed up by the players’ union (AFE) and high profile football figures.

The RFEF and AFE were not happy with the new law on television rights and money distribution, believing the lower-ranked teams still are not benefiting enough from the deal. This has even been backed up by Real Madrid and Barcelona, although they are still getting a very good deal as Sam Wallace explains in The Independent. 

The saga is still very much on going and hasn’t been settled between the bickering parties, with the National Professional Football League (LFP), who run the top two leagues, providing opposition to the RFEF and AFE.

Betis will play Lugo at home on Sunday evening. Whereas, every single La Liga game will kick off at 6pm GMT on Sunday.

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