Preview: Tenerife vs Betis (Sunday 5pm)

Vicenzo Rennella given the chance to prove his worth today

Vicenzo Rennella given the chance to prove his worth today

Whilst many of the leagues have finished, Betis are approaching their penultimate game of the season this afternoon in the Canary Islands against Tenerife.

Betis have achieved their premier goal of the season and have gained promotion to La Liga, thanks to Pepe Mel and his rejuvenating spirit. The next task ascend in style and look towards the future, of which there has been a lot of talk this week. Pepe Mel met Sporting Director, Eduardo Macià, on Tuesday this week to set the plans for the future in motion.

Lots of rumours flying around about who might come into the squad. Priorities seem to be the defence and the centre of midfield, where they want someone with ‘personality and leadership’, said Pepe Mel. Verza (central midfielder from Almería) has been touted for this position.

For the game today against relegation threatened Tenerife, we are going to see a few new faces to the starting line-up.

Dani Giménez; Piccini, Bruno, Héctor Rodas, Casado; Lolo Reyes, N’Diaye, Kadir, Vadillo; Rennella, Rubén Castro.

Dani is getting a run-out in goal in replace of the excellent Adán and there a few changes elsewhere to the team. The Italian, Rennella, is given the task of filling Jorge Molina’s boots, pairing up with Castro, who is given the chance to extend his 32 goals for the season.

I think it is important that Betis but in a good performance today and head into La Liga with momentum behind them. The players who are given a chance today, shall hopefully be chomping at the bit to put in a good showing so they are kept in the squad for next season as the squad is definitely going to need bolstering, there will be no space for coasters!

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