Worst Defeat In La Liga Era

In front of 41,655 people on Saturday night, Real Betis were thoroughly embarrassed as they suffered their worst defeat in La Liga. Ever. In 849 home games Betis have never been beaten more comprehensively.

It was supposed to be a difficult night for under-pressure Madrid; no win since September 18th and an injury crisis to deal with, whereas Betis were pretty much full-strength. It was a case of Zinedine Zidane exacting revenge after Betis halted his winning streak last season when he first took over as manager of Real Madrid.

At half time, 4-0 down it was all over. For the record the four goals came from Varane, Benzema, Marcelo and Isco. Substitute Alvaro Cejudo pulled one back early in second half but the game was fully killed off with a second from Isco and sixth from Ronaldo.

The first chants of “Poyet vete ya!” were heard around el Villamarín, and I think Betis fans are starting to have enough already just 8 games into the season. It doesn’t bode well for a season that was supposed to be different the normal disappointing one, with a new manager and a number new talented faces recruited. In all honesty, losing to Real Madrid is expected, but it’s the manner of defeat. Truth is the team haven’t performed well all season.

The stats don’t stack up well for Poyet:

  • Most goals Betis have conceded at home in La Liga history
  • First Betis coach in the 21st century to concede 18 goals in the first eight games
  • The last time this was beaten was in 1979 when 19 goals were conceded
  • In 713 matches since the turn of the century, we’ve only let in six goals on three occasions. Once in 2009 with Paco Chaparro and twice already under Gus Poyet.

Fortunately for me, I was otherwise engaged and didn’t get to watch the match, instead following it on Twitter, but it didn’t sound pretty.

Here is some of the fallout from the game:
  • In the post-game press conference, Poyet takes responsibility 

gus poyet press conference

In a very serious post-game analysis, Poyet started with, “it’s very difficult to say something now controlling my feelings. I have to take a lot of care.”

“I don’t have excuses, I am the maximum one responsible. The blame for what happened on the field lies with me. Part of the crowd felt the same, so there is nothing left to say.”

“Today was quite bad, brushing on the ridiculous.”

  • Vice-President López Catalán: “We totally back Poyet.”

lopez catalan about gus poyet

He says that, “We’ve played eight games and got eight points, we’ve not found the style that we want, the same that Gus knows. But we totally back Poyet, with work the results will come.”

Marca put their headline as, “The club backs Poyet after the debacle against Madrid.”

  • A little more damning in elcorreoweb – “In one word, grotesque”


  • Similar wording in ABC de Sevilla – “A Shameful Betis”


All pretty unsavoury really.

For me, I really want Poyet to succeed and I, amongst many other béticos, were expecting a big change this season, with the club and squad pushing on to be comfortably in the top half of the table. If anything, the performances are just as bad, if not worse, that last season. Things need to change rapidly if Poyet is to survive until Christmas.

Until then all that is left to say is…

Viva el Betis manque pierda. 

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