Fidel Castro and Real Betis

Yesterday we received the news of the death of the former dictator at the age of 90 announced with ‘profound sadness’ by his brother and current Cuban president Raúl Castro. But what has he got to do with Betis?

In 1997 after an interview with the then President of Andalucia Manuel Chaves, the communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, received the gift of a Real Betis shirt.

Fidel Castro, who was a big sports fan, was interview by Manuel Chaves, a bético and politican for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), who went over to Cuba in 1997 with the Government of Andalucia and a few journalists to talk politics with the chief. At the end of the meeting Andalucian president presented the leader with a white shirt emblazoned with Real Betis Balompié and the club logo.

Who knows whether he has still got it, perhaps he even put it in his will as one of his most prized possessions?

One of the world’s great peculiarities.

Original article in Spanish on ABC de Sevilla – Fidel Castro y el Real Betis 

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