Victor Sacked, Alexis Trujillo In – The End of Another Project

Victor Sanchez del Amo has been sacked as head coach, putting us out of our misery for the time-being, and brings to an end yet another ‘project’ at Real Betis.

Everything came to a head on Monday evening when Betis travelled to that mighty, high-flying club in la liga…Leganés. We were 2-0 down after 15 minutes and I swiftly turned off the game and switched over just in time to watch Grand Designs on More 4. I couldn’t bear to waste another 90 minutes of my evening on this drivel. I think that feeling generally sums up the season for most béticos.

It’s already been announced that former player Alexis Trujillo will take over until the end of the season then the club will make a more permanent appointment. Trujillo has been on the Betis staff books since 2014 and before that made well over 200 appearances for the club during the 90s. He was also assistant manager to Lorenzo Serra Ferrer during Betis’ one and only outing in the Champions League in the 2005/2006 campaign.

Former Real Betis star Alexis Trujillo will take over as manager

Alexis Trujillo during his Betis playing days

It all started well for Victor, especially after we endured Gus Poyet’s tenure earlier in the season, but things quickly soured. The fans soon realised Victor wouldn’t be able to work miracles during our one win in 10 run through January and February. The 4-0 defeat on Monday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I did think it was almost impossible for Leganés to beat anyone 4-0 in la liga, but once again, you should never be surprised by anything that happens at Betis. It should tell you everything that Leganés have scored even less goals than Betis this season, averaging less than one goal per game.

Betis have barely been any better and in all it’s been pretty shameful, not just from the management but from the players as well.

Shameful is quite a strong word, but this whole season has probably one of the worst I’ve witnessed. Reason being? Take your pick:

  • Complete lack of goals – 38 in 35 games.
  • Rubbish defence which is getting worse as the season goes on – 61 conceded so far, one of our worst totals in la liga ever.
  • Awfully dull, defensive style of football, which wouldn’t be so bad if we could defend.
  • Lack of ambition and zero attacking flair.
  • Gus Poyet.
  • 7 defenders on the pitch at some points.
  • Víctor.

No offence (not much anyway), but it’s a good job that there are five worser teams in la liga, one of them beating us comfortable on Monday. Osasuna and Granada are just  terrible, Sporting are always down there and Depor have had a very bad season.

lorenzo serra ferrer as betis coach now as sporting director vicepresident

Lorenzo Serra Ferrer back at Betis

In another rather more surprisingly decision, Lorenzo Serra Ferrer has been brought back to the club for the third time. This time in a Vice-President Sporting Director role, whilst Miguel Torrecilla moves into a General Sporting Director position. This I am quite surprised about as his signings this season have been utterly shocking! Only one signing has made a good impression and that has been left-back Rizi Durmisi. He probably offers more going forward than he does defending, but if he can improve this aspect he could be very good.

Víctor’s final press conference

What Victor had to say in his farewell press conference was fairly interesting. He didn’t blame the players or the fans specifically, but more so put the blame on the pressure.

“We think the slump of the team is down to brutal physical wear. The team has suffered a great mental wear because of the pressure. The fear to not fail has been noted. It’s not normal to play with so much pressure.” He continued, “I don’t blame the fans for anything, in fact they have been the main victim.”

“Betis is always starting new projects and our rivals have continuity. This affects the results a lot.”

That does strike a chord. We are always starting new projects, which is mainly down to poor direction for the upper management, poor managerial appointments and poor signings. We have not properly strengthened the team for many years and in all honestly the squad needs a complete revamp. We have had two managers this season with bad tactics, but the squad they’ve had to work with has severely lacked quality. Poyet couldn’t use this as an excuse because he made a lot of signings, but Victor can perhaps lean on this, although it doesn’t excuse him from fielding 7 defenders at one point this season trying to defend a lead, then conceding a goal near the death!

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