Updates, New Stuff & Forums

It’s been a while since my last update but it doesn’t mean that all has been quiet, in fact it has been anything but.

The eagle-eyed viewers amongst you may have noticed a few ‘issues’ with Blogbetis in the last couple of weeks, with a few of these said issues still persisting.

Without boring you too much, the reason for this is because I have decided to self-host the site for the first time. Basically this means that I will be able to (eventually) do many more things on the site that I haven’t been able to so far due to the WordPress hosting shackles, which should be reap long term benefits.

In the short term however, it means there are quite a few teething problems because a lot of the things you take for granted when a site is hosted on WordPress, you have to now sort out yourself.

Don’t despair, such issues are being ironed out as we speak with many in the palms of the Google gods, who will hopefully sort out accordingly.

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