Miki remembered 1 year on

miki roque

A year ago to this day a young, promising, talented Bético lost his fight to cancer. At the age of 22, Miki went for a routine check up on a problematic back injury only to find out he had a cancerous pelvic tumour. Miki suffered a 15 months of illness before he died on 24th June 2012, aged 23.

Miki is remembered every time Betis play a game as the crowd break into song during the 26th minute to celebrate the player’s club number.

Today the club will open it’s doors in the Gol Norte end of the ground where there will be a memorial place full of images, flags, banners, scarves and a great plaque.

Descanso en Paz Miki Roque.

Below are a selection of articles from today’s Spanish media who are much more articulate than I am.

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Diario de Sevilla (Samuel Silva) http://www.diariodesevilla.es/article/realbetis/1551294/homenaje/miki/roque/primer/aniversario.html